Goofy paper tray quest …




I’ve got the upgraded/new desk, and I’ve got 3 paper trays behind the monitor where I can reach them easily but not see the clutter they generate.  But, … that is not good enough.  I want a kick ass/goofy paper tray like the Shaun Fynn paper tray I adapted to my office desk.  Only Shaun’s paper tray is no longer for sale.  


Saun’s Goofy paper tray adapted by mounting it on the monitor arm on my office desk

I’ve been searching for “paper tray eye candy” “artisan paper tray” “wow paper tray” etc. and THERE IS NOTHING!!!  So, I’ve decided to reach out on for nominees for eye candy, artisan, and wow paper trays.  Co teaching rapid prototyping with John Niebergall last semester gives me CAD so I can show you some starter images of what I’m looking for: 

Screenshot 1 28 13 6 36 PM 2

View 1

Screenshot 1 28 13 6 36 PM

View 2

Screenshot 1 28 13 6 35 PM 4

View 3

As you can see from the 3 views, I’m looking for something goofy, something asymmetrical, something Frank Lloyd Wright falling-water looking, something Steve Jobs-ish.  And yes, “goofy paper trays” is yet another useless search.  

Got any links for me?  


bill meade 

5 thoughts on “Goofy paper tray quest …

    • When I am trying to find something unique I usually try Google Image Search instead. You quickly get a visual on whether your keywords are on track. In this case I searched for “swing arm paper tray” and found that one maybe 3 pages down in the results.

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