Browser De Jure

2014-04-24 Thursday


2014-04-17 Thursday

Chrome again extends its dominance over the iPad this week. And again, Chrome 35 does not exist. However, Chrome 34 is taking share, so the auto-update feature may be working for other people (but not me! :-().

Browsers_-_Restartgtd_com_-_StatCounter 2

2014-04-16 Wednesday

Again Chrome is in the lead. And again Chrome 35 is non-existent. Comments continue below the graphic:

Browsers_-_Restartgtd_com_-_StatCounter 3


So, I wonder what version of Chrome I’m running. My iMac is always connected to the net so I should be on Chrome 35, right? Let’s see …

Help 2

Whoops, nope, I’m on 33! That is right, I’ve been having to manually update Chrome on Mac.  What is up with this bug Google?

I wonder if I’m not alone in having a 2 versions out of date browser?

2014-04-15 Tuesday

  • This is the first day since I began tracking browser share, that Chrome on computers has had a larger share than the iPad. Interesting!
  • Also, note that Chrome version 35 has disappeared!


2014-04-13 Sunday


2014-04-12 Saturday


2014-04-11 Friday


2014-04-10 Thursday


2014-04-09 Wednesday


2014-04-08 Tuesday


2014-04-07 Monday


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