Great ToDo list/Evernote article


Just read a VERY interesting blog post on  It is VERY interesting first, because of the blogger. Check this intro/address/job out:

Salvatore antirez Sanfilippo, programmer, Via F.Alaimo 2, 92023 Campobello di Licata (AG), Sicily, Italy.

Second reason for VERY interesting: the post is about how Salvatore does todo list (note, singular, just one todo list) in Evernote.

Salvatore antirez Sanfilippo TODO

I like this because:

  • It is simple
  • It is focused on a single note to keep track of
  • It synchronizes across computers transparently (use 4 computers daily, this is IMPORTANT)
  • It is simple, did I mention that?
  • It puts weekly reviews on a diet, a daily diet, … hmmm seems like this could be very powerful for the, ahem … GTD weekly review “challenged”

Try it, you’ll like it!

bill meade


6 thoughts on “Great ToDo list/Evernote article

  1. Great mention of this post. Using Evernote to get things done is beautiful. I thought I’d reshare my comments I left on his site for you to see as well. I welcome your thoughts. As a footnote, I think you’ve got an excellent site and your posts are well written and insightful. Cheers!

    This is an excellent post on how to use Evernote to get things done! I’m the author of the Evernote GTD eBook that is sold in the Evernote Trunk. In my eBook, I lament about how I’ve gone through the exact same struggle as you. First pen & a moleskine, then RTM, Toodledo, Wunderlist, and the list goes on and on. I finally realized – like you – how Evernote can handle everything – not just my e-filing cabinet. Also like you, I like simple. Simple helps you get things done. We fidget and “hack” apps too much and ultimately, it leads to less of getting things done. After all, the intent is to get to “done”, right? I advocate creating a note for every todo item and then putting each note into a list: calls, computer, emails, errands, etc. However, in the 2nd edition of the eBook, I created a Master Next Action template that has a very similar setup – one in which all of the todos are on one master note. There’s a great benefit to seeing everything all at one and then deleting (cathartic!!) your tasks as you accomplish them. In any case, you’ve got a wonderful system and I’m so delighted you’ve posted about your success. I’m a firm believer that getting things done is very personal (no 2 systems are exactly alike), but removing distractions, having a simple system, is essential. You have mastered that fine art! Nicely done and again, great post!

    • I just wrote down to do a review post of the “Using evernote to do GTD” blog posts that are popping up. I will read your post, looking forward to it. We just bought a house and have big faculty kerfuffles going on at school. So I’ve been swamped of late. But, the work waits for me. :-)

      bill meade

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